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SpinetiX ARYA allows you to expand your business faster

With the combined solution of SpinetiX ARYA and an axxiv player, you’re guaranteed to attract your customers’ attention. The digitalised ad entices passers-by into your shop and convinces them of the range of solutions you offer. Make your life easier by conjuring your unique offers and promotions up on your screen in a matter of minutes.

axxiv® systems – a perfect fit for the application

axxiv computers – developed by the Swiss IT distributor Littlebit Technology – are synonymous with many years of experience in the IT business, strong partnerships with international manufacturers and superb Swiss quality. Mass-produced goods? Not from axxiv. Since individual requirements need tailor-made solutions, we always create them with the aim of enabling you to work as flexibly and efficiently as possible.

A Plug & Play solution for immediate use

Littlebit Technology designed the axxiv player together with the SpinetiX ARYA developers. The players have been pre-configured so that all you have to do is connect them to the screen, the internet and the power supply. That’s all there is to it. You can start your digital advertising campaign straight away. No complicated software loading processes. No need to configure systems. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Intel IoT Solution Alliance

The digital signage solution is ready for use straight away

All you need is one axxiv player per screen. The axxiv players are already configured. All you have to do is connect your chosen player to the power supply, a screen and the internet, and you’re ready to roll.

Upload the logo, images and videos from your system, use an unlimited number of screens, and display your unique content on every screen. If you need help, access the SpinetiX ARYA live chat. You’ll receive support around the clock.

Choose the easy way

You don’t have to be creative to achieve an amazing impact with SpinetiX ARYA. Nine carefully designed templates with animations and transition effects help you to effectively present your range in a short space of time.

It’s incredible. All it takes is a few videos and pictures, and we can display amazing content on the screens in our waiting rooms at lightning speed.

Miles M.CEO - owner of a beauty clinic, Fremont, California.

The SpinetiX ARYA solution is replacing a sales rep in my store. It’s a genuine Plug & Play solution.

Alejandra C.CEO - founder of a baby products store in Lausanne, Switzerland

axxiv® digital signage player

Choose the model that meets your requirements from the axxiv players specifically developed for this solution with SpinetiX ARYA.

Every axxiv player with SpinetiX ARYA can be used straight away, because the Digital Signage Operating System (DSOS) is already installed. Just connect the axxiv player to the power supply, a screen and the internet and get started!

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